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St. Mary LakeSt. Mary Lake
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Glacier National Park is 1800 square miles of soaring summits, carved by ancient glaciers into walls and valleys, rising suddenly from gently rolling plains. Hundreds of lakes and waterfalls sparkle in the forested valleys. Glaciers still scour the mountains that are home to the grizzly bear and grey wolf.
Evening Light at Wild Goose IslandSingleshot MountainOn the Trail to Hidden LakeBearhat Mountain and Hidden LakeMoose in Fishercap LakeMoon Over Wild Goose IslandMountain CloudsGlacier High CountryThe Garden WallFirst Light on Curly Bear MountainGlacial ValleyIceberg LakeIceberg LakeSt. Marys FallsRock and GrassesGlacial Mountain StreamMountain GoatForaging Mountain GoatsColumbia Ground SquirrelUntitled

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