Timothy Van Minnick is a nature photographer based in Illinois. He has been photographing nature for over 30 years. An avid birder, the photographer has a special interest in wild bird photography and enjoys the excitement and rewards of this challenging endeavor. An ongoing personal project is to visit, explore, and photograph all fifty one of our national parks. Tim is a passionate supporter of the concept of our national park system as "America's Best Idea." The photographer's personal and professional goals are to promote an appreciation of nature and wilderness through his photography so as to hopefully inspire others to care about the preservation of wildlife and wild places. Tim has been published in national magazines, calendars, and has won photography awards.
All images are available for purchase as fine art prints or as stock. Feel free to contact Tim by email at [email protected] to discuss your interests.

photo by Terri Minnick, Arusha N.P., Tanzania