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Created 20-Nov-13
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Black and white was the original medium of photography and still is a unique and powerful way of looking at the world. The monochromatic image is more subject to the artistic interpretation of the photographer and was the preferred method of the old masters such as Ansel Adams. These digital images were originally in color and have been converted to black and white in post-processing software.
Clouds over Wild Goose IslandCanyonlands VistaMesquite DunesDelicate ArchBadlandsRock Formation on Canyon RimMiddle Prong RiverGarden of the GodsGrand Canyon VistaSand, Sky, and RockCathedral RocksGlacier WaterfallGrand TetonsCanyon at DuskMesa Arch SunburstWaterfall on Roaring ForkRainbow FallsLarge-flowered TrilliumClouds and BadlandsMountains and Glacier

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